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2019-03-11 Various family and new house

Be the warmth of the sun in winter...



About us


                     Citta. Agna. Atman

                         Mind. Body. Soul

                                     Love, Jayne


Practice Areas

Practice Areas

The foundation of my practice here at Odd Socks Yoga & therapies combines the physical with an inner emotional and spiritual journey. My aim is to open up a beautiful space for all, regardless of age, gender, ability, or background for you to simply feel, By integrating body, breath, movement, and meditative awareness. I strive to promote an understanding of the inter-dependency of all these aspects in your personal health and well being. 

CSV Yoga

Soul Flow ( see class timetable )This all-levels Core strength Vinyasa class will speak to your soul. It integrates all the facets of a Vinyasa flow - allowing you to cultivate strength, flexibility, balance, and a deep sense of peace - while integrating a profoundly soulful dharma or teaching. Expect to move through a Gentle asana sequence while exploring themes such as transformation, presence, compassion, surrender, and awakening. Aside from the strong physical practice, expect elements of meditation, breath work, and mindfulness to be weaved throughout. You'll leave this class feeling empowered, connected, and ready to take your practice off the mat & into your life.

Reiki is a specific energy that helps our own healing systems to work to their full potential. It helps us to vitalize & balance. It is a most simple natural healing method and is administered by placing hands on another individual or close too them by a qualified Reiki practitioner. 

Adapted Yoga

Yoga can be hugely beneficial for adults & children with disabilities or chronic health conditions and the elderly, through both postures, breath work & meditation. Everything we do can be adapted to suit the student. Yoga is a safe and effective way to increase mobility, flexibility, strength & digestion.

Sound Bowls

Sound from Tibetan Singing Bowls entrain the brain to move into the Theta brain wave frequencies that induce deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind, and intuition. The sound vibrations impact our nervous system, engaging our relaxation reflex and inhibiting the stress or pain response.

1-2-1 Yoga

Vinyasa and Yin Yoga personal private coaching in the comfort of your own home, or a venue that suits you better. Whether you have practiced yoga before, or a complete beginner, and feel joining a class is not for you, or you are unable too, one to one coaching is personal, tailored and deeply nourishing. I will introduce you to the beautiful yoga practise and mentor you through a journey of self discovery and acceptance in all areas of your life.


Still eyes, Still mind. Though many objects can be used to focus your gaze during Trataka, the most common is the flame of a candle. By fixing your gaze during mediation, you will bring energy to your third eye and promote various psychic abilities. Fixing your gaze allows the restless mind to come too a halt,increasing the power of memory and helps bring the mind to a higher state of awareness, attention and focus.

Pregnancy Yoga

Coming Soon!!

Access Bars sessions are deeply relaxing and transformative treatments

that involve the gentle touching of specific points on your head. There are 32 points in total that store redundant thoughts, ideas and beliefs, and by touching these points it allows the energy  around them to dissipate. 


Coming Soon!!

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